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As we know Oracle will no longer support for IBM licensing after September so thought to go to Red Stack instead of buying license from IBM.

Just wondering how much it will cost to go from Blue Stack to Red stack web logic so that way all product with Oracle. I just need to know estimate. 2 servers (1 for non production and 1 for production) also believe Oracle will give discount or it does not make sense to go to Red stack?

It makes sense for you to call up Oracle and talk to them about purchasing "JD Edwards Technology Foundation" for your users.

Buying Weblogic for "2 servers" is fraught with potholes. How many cores per server ? Are you virtualized ? What virtualization technology are you using ? If you're using VMWare, or a "soft partitioning" virtualization technology, then how many cores are in the physical servers ? How many named users do you have - it'll probably be less expensive to license by named user than CPU Cores.

But JDE Technology Foundation may be the least expensive of all your options. And there is an "upgrade" price, which I believe is an "upgrade" from Blue Stack to Red Stack. So, talk to JDE. Open dialog with your JDE Sales Rep at Oracle, and then work out which is the right direction.
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We have 1 core per server and yes VMware technology.
I started here first to have some knowledge instead of getting Oracle Sale person to push. Did not know there is a upgrade cost from Blue to Red stack.

ok - if you're using VMWare, then Oracle specifically doesn't recognize that you're only using 1 core, but whatever the hardware is that your VM is running on, then you have to license ALL the physical cores. That makes a huge difference in cost if you're running 32 cores or so. Your VM might only be using "1 cpu core" - but if the ESX server is running on a physical machine with 32 cores, you have to license all 32 cores. They did this to differentiate between "hard" cpu partitioning and "soft" cpu partitioning. Thats going to be your biggest "gotcha". Sounds like if you have a limited number of named users, then weblogic named user licensing might be your cheapest option - otherwise, JDE Technology Stack would be the next cost, and finally the "per cpu core" would be the most expensive option.

Check all the price lists out on the oracle website (google for "oracle technology price list" and "oracle jd edwards price list") - and also google for the Oracle VMWare licensing by core statements.

Heres an article on Oracle and VMWare licensing :
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Thanks Jon

Very new to licensing and this will help me to understand what exactly we need to move forward. Seems like Blue to Red Stack will be expensive stuff, will contact Oracle Sales.

Still looking option and we can just upgrade to IBM Websphere before September from version 7 - 8.5 or whatever is available within the current licensing with Oracle and do nothing. IBM is a stable product and no need to buy support until we upgrade our application to 9.2. IBM 7 may be come to expire soon they will give clients 1 year time before they end the product.