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Recurring Journal Entry Report


Hi All,

New user to this forum and new to JDE. So I posted a recurring JE beginning with 5/31 and an end date of 1/1/2016. When I run the recurring journal entry report it only shows the 5/31 entry and not all the entries in the future. Any reason as to why? Thanks for the help!

Alex Blasenheim

Well Known Member
You will probably get a response if you post this in the correct forum: JD Edwards® EnterpriseOne Applications or JD Edwards® World Applications (depending upon your system). It is always a good thing to provide more information so read up: Sticky: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. For your particular issue it is expected that you give the name of the recurring JE program which might be R09xxxx in E1 and P09xxxx in World. I don't know the exact name since I'm not on the system currently.

For your convenience, I will try and respond but doing it from memory. The recurring JE program creates journal entries (and the report) for only one GL date based on the criteria. It is setup to run on a periodic basis - usually monthly. The GL date advances automatically when you run the compute report in Final mode. I have had clients who just simply ran it over and over again until they got the desired number of "future" journal entries. In general I do not recommend this as who can predict the future, right?