Recovering after c: drive crashes on Enterprise Server

Hi List:

I'm trying to gather as much info as I can and need your help.

We have Xe Update 2, SP 15.1 installed as follows:
Deployment Server: Windows 2000
Enterprise Server: Netfinity 350 with an external raid array,
Windows 2000, SQL 2000

On Monday the c: drive on the enterprise crashed and it was not mirrored.
The resolution ended up being to install a brand new disk (actually two,
mirrored this time!). The disk has been installed and we are working on
getting the raid array back online (2 of the drives were defunct). Once
this is done, we were planning on installing SQL 2000 and then restoring the
system databases (Master, MSDB, etc.) from a tape backup. (Our user
databases (JDE7333, JDE_CRP, etc.) are on other drives.) Hopefully this
will get SQL back to where it used to be.

Now, what else do we need to do to get OneWorld going? It also is installed
on another drive, however, I'm assuming that I won't see the OneWorld
services?!? Anything else?

Comments, questions???

Thank you!

Michelle Dulay
ERP Coordinator
Pump & Engine Control Systems
Goodrich Corporation
[email protected]