Recording A/R Invoice VAT Receivable to Separate G/L Account Instead of A/R Trade


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In Australia, When posting an A/R Invoice to the General Ledger, how to separate VAT Receivable into a separate G/L Account. Currently the AAI RT* allows the separation of VAT Payable into its own G/L Account, however, the RC* AAI books both the Invoice Amount and Tax to a single G/L Account---is there an ability to separate the VAT Receivable into its own G/L Account.

A/R 1,100 (RC AAI)
VAT Payable -100 (RT AAI)
Revenue -1,000

A/R 1,000 (RC AAI)
VAT Receivable 100 (???)
VAT Payable -100 (RT AAI)
Revenue -1,000


EnterpriseOne 8.10