Record Reservation (P00095) Not cleared during Web session timeout




As per oracle, after the tools enhancement (8.97 onwards), the reservation should be cleared during
1. Session Timeout (Normal time out)
2. User Close the browser without exiting the application first
3. User logs out without exiting the application first
By right, the reservation should get stuck only when there are network failures or when application crashes out.

However when we tested, we noticed that the reservation is not cleared when the user session times out. Same behavior is observed with different browsers (IE , Chrome etc).
Strangely, the failure occurs only in the production environment. In UAT, the reservation is cleared successfully when the session times out.
While we are checking with oracle on this, has anyone encountered such issue.
If they really wanted to fix this - they would find a way to re-reserve the record, when the user attempts to use the record again. Some sort of Session Cookie, that remains resident... If the user tries to reconnect to the record and doesn't have an active session attached to it (that would be the trick) - then release the reservation.

There needs to be a way to poll the browser - and ask if the session is still active.

F00095 is just a symptom and the easiest, visible way to track whether session timeout is happening correctly. In other words they don't need to address JUST the F00095 issue. There are a lot of other things that need to get cleaned up besides business object reservations when a user session times out. If you have things setup correctly you get a pretty graceful termination of the JAS session... it effectively acts like the user closed out of all open applications. If this is order entry for example it not only removes the business object reservation it has the effect of calling F4211FSClearWF which can undo any perpetual inventory changes, etc.

If you have everything setup correctly it really works quite well. But like I said it seems to be VERY fragile in the setup. There are a lot of things to set and if they are not set just right it will not work correctly. Even following the guide I tweaked one little setting and everything quite working so you may have to play around with the settings for a while before you get everything working.

Having said all that, F00095 is a good idea that is very poorly implemented. They could do a lot to make it much more robust and less likely to constantly need someone to clear bogus reservations all the time. And it could all be easily done within the existing development framework of the toolset we all ready have w/o doing anything really all that exotic or complex.