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Receiving JDENET Error = eIPCMsgQueueFull in Security Kernel

This is on JDE 9.2, Tools, IBM i 7.1

I am receiving the JDENET Error = eIPCMsgQueueFull message in my Security Kernel logs.

I am already running 4 Security Kernels, 10 JDENET_N kernels, and 35 Call Object kernels, and 2 Metadata kernels, all others are at their defaults.

The symptom is that my fat clients get an 'unable to contact security Server' message. So I'm suspicious that my issue must be on the JDENET_N's.

Has anyone run into this issue, and how did you resolve it?



35 callobj? Isn't the default tuning recommend 50 users per callobj max? (I don't think you have 1750 users on a single foundation, but who knows?)

What I do know is that JDE recommends going multi-foundation at the 500 user mark per foundation.

And also security kernels are used by batch load as well, which wasn't described.

The JDE netwm command will show what kernels have outstanding requests in their queues; ones with a lot in their queue probably don't have enough of that kind of process running for your load. (although some kernels require being singletons, like SubSystemKernel and QueueKernel.
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Hi Tom,

Are the web clients able to connect and authenticate fine? Do you have outstanding requests on any kernels when this happens? On the iSeries any kernels in a MTXW status?

John, perhaps you are talking about the security kernel recommendation being 1 for every 50 users? CallObject Kernel would be more like 6 to 10 as described in the Kernels White Paper in E1: KER: EnterpriseOne Kernels Overview (Doc ID 961823.1)
I do have 10 per kernel on my call obj kernels. I don't appear to have an issue with other clients, no kernels are in MTXW, and since I normally don't watch my kernels 7X24 I don't know on the outstanding requests. I do know I don't appear to have any when I check them in the normal course of business.



Right, musta been low on coffee. At anyrate, 35 CoK / 10 per kernel is 350 users... at the 1 COK per 50 users recommendation form the referenced DocID, you probably should be at 7 security kernels instead of 4.
I haven't had a recurrence of this. I guess I'll just assume that something went 'wonky'. If I find out anymore I'll update this thread. Thanks all for the responses.