Receiving Issues with Pre-Req 4605023/3600491


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Hello all,

We are testing in CRP with the Pre-Req's 4605023/3600491 & 4605031
installed. The first issue we've encountered is with receiving a partial
qty against a stock Purchase Order. It works for 1 Branch/Plant, but not
the other. Because it works with 1, JDE is saying that it must be corrupt
data in the other 1. It works fine in our Production environment without
the Pre-Req's installed & the CRP data is a copy of our Production data -
about 2 week old. I have tried recreating the Bunsiness Unit for the
Branch/Plant & recreating the Branch/Plant Constants record too. JDE is
saying that the program is working fine & not forthcoming with any other

Is anyone else experiencing this and/or does anybody have any suggestions?

Kimberley Bohn
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
B73.3.2, NT, SQL7.0, SP10