Receipt Routing P43250 Not Closing PO Lines

Fred Ransom

We recently loaded item master and item branch records for a new acquisition onto our JD Edwards 9.0 platform. (Tools release We issued our first purchase order for 52 of these items. All lines were received in full and vouchered for payment. The item ledger reflects the received quantities. Upon inquiry on the PO, we found 26 of the lines were closed and 26 were still at status 400/400 as if they were still in the receipt route. The purchasing ledger for the closed lines shows P43250 advanced the status codes to 400/999. For the lines showing open, there is no ledger record for P43250. The last record for the open lines is P4312 showing the statuses at 400/400. (The closed line numbers and the open line numbers are random)
This appears to be item related but we cannot find any differences in the item master/branch setup for a closed item versus an open one.
Any ideas what would cause P43250 to close some line items and skip over others?


PS: I know we can write a program to go through and close the lines but we would like to know what is causing this in the first place.