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Rebuilding logical files


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I have a copy of my FO902 PF but not the logicals that I wish to restore. If I do this how do I rebuild the logical files over the restored FO902?

Many Thanks


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Go into SVR, select the appropriate logicals, send them to compile. It may
take a while to rebuild the logicals.

Alternatively, you can use PDM to access the source file DDS and compile
them from there - but be sure you point the compiled object to the correct
data library.

To prevent this problem in the future, save the access paths when saving

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| I have a copy of my FO902 PF but not the logicals that I wish to restore.
If I do this how do I rebuild the logical files over the restored FO902?
| Many Thanks
| Neil
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You have several ways to create the logicals (I'm assuming you are not
restoring F0902 into your production!):
- Do DSPDBR into F0902 in production, which lists all logicals. Go into SVR
and rebuild them into the library you restored F0902.
- Print the list from DSPDBR, from SVR find out what system codes they
belongs then go to G9645 option 3, enter the system code, create in library
(your new restored f0902 library) and from library (production library)
select desired logicals with option 2.
- Create an empty F0902 in a library and build all logicals then restore
the F0902 from tape to that library (all logicals will be rebuild at the
time of the restore).

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Neil <neilwar@hotmail.com>@jdelist.com on 06/20/2001 09:44:10 AM


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Neil (and everyone else),

Investigate the standard AS/400 command CRTDUPOBJ - by this I mean that
maybe you should read the IBM documentation. Provided you have the required
logicals in some other library (eg JDFDTA) and you have the physical in your
production (or whatever) library then you can skip all the SVR and compiling
etc and use the AS/400's excellent capabilities. Command should be
something like


In simple overview, what it does (for those of you unable to make the time
to read up or research solutions properly) is to create the objects in the
TOLIB, if they don't exist. Then because DATA(*NO) it will built the access
path based on the physical in the TOLIB. The physical file must exist in
the TOLIB. Note also that using DSPDBR over the physical in the FROMLIB is
an excellent idea so you establish if there are logicals other than F0902Lx.

And I strongly support an earlier post on this topic. When you backup your
data libraries (hopefully every night) make sure the SAVLIB command has
parameter ACCPTH set to *YES.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill


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Re: RE: Rebuilding logical files

Many thanks for your help.

The CRTDUPOBJ worked a treat.

Thanks to you all for replying.


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