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Real time journal entry creation

James Monroe

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We are on apps 9.0, tools

We have a request where accounting will be using an external system to create journal entries and needs those journal entries created in JDE. In the past we have had many examples of this requirement and have complied with a flat file interface that we process in JDE and create the necessary F0911Z1 records, then create and post the journal entry.

Accounting however is asking for essentially a real-time interface. So creating a flat file, then scheduling and running the table conversion, etc would end up being a big problem. We could still do it with a flat file and table conversion process. But that could interfere with other interfaces and processes we have.

Accounting would like a solution that would essentially be some API that could be called by the third party application that would create a journal entry essentially in Real Time.

Any thoughts on the best way to do that in JDE would be appreciated.


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Create Publish BSSV based on Journal Entry business function and ask third party to call that using WSDL file. You should have proper setup for SSL to access from third party.


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Not sure if your tools release can use AIS yet but it would be worth looking into. Journal Entries are pretty easy with AIS