Read Multiple Media object for an Item


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I have attach two Media objects for an item in item master,one is in word document and other is in rtf format.I need to print both the Media object content in a batch .I have tried GT4101 but from this system function i can print only one MO not multiple.So how is possible to print Multiple MO for an Item in a batch program?



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You can't include NON TEXT media attachments in UBE standard output. You'll have to use BI Publisher for that.

EDIT: I don't think you can pull more than the first text attachment either using standard tools. You'll have to roll a bsfn for that I believe.


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Yes, you can get images ... little complicated but doable. I'd like to hear though if anyone has accomplished the same with word docs.
For Media Object files though you would have to store the Media Object files as other than OLE types (to avoid the encryption) and also determine the location of the document and pass the filespec (path+name) into the UBE XML Output so that BI Pub knew where there were.
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Couldn't you 'try' and loop through F00165 for the Item key and call a section for each record? Save the key and media object path url etc
Add this path to the RV output so it appears in the XML

Then use BI and the repeated XML section to hopefully show the media object attachments....?


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That's essentially what I was saying above John with a couple caveats.

1. I don't know if you can dynamically embed a word/rtf document into a BI template.
2. The Media Object Type would need to be a 5


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This is what I have done about 10 years ago on XE release in order to print images and others stuff on a JDE report.

1)at the end of the report retrieve the job number and build the final pdf path
2)Call an external function (I developed a java program) and pass the pdf path and the files to merge/print
3)inside the external program parse the pdf do all manipulation


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1. I don't know if you can dynamically embed a word/rtf document into a BI template.

This is where the embedded BI publisher that is used with JDE falls down. So you can dynamically append PDF documents in the full version of BI Publisher that is part of OBIEE but not the embedded version unless you want to do some fairly serious hacking (which I have seen done at one site).