E9.2 Read flat file from encrypted folder

Dana BY

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Is it not possible?
I wrote a report to read data from flat file, it works for regular folder, but when the folder and files within it are encrypted by Windows built-in encryption my report can't see the file.
I use BSFN B0500180 to check file existence (this function is giving me error basically) and later i use B76B0220 to fetch lines from flat file.
Is there a way to enable reading data from encrypted flat file?
version 9.2


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I assume you are referring to a file encrypted by Windows EFS encryption. This is certificate based and the system user the UBE executes under needs to be authorized to decrypt the file. Are you describing an issue that occurs when the UBE runs on your Windows Enterprise server or a developer fat client? If the server you need to make sure that the user the JDE services are running under has decryption authorization to the file.

I haven't had to work much with EFS and my memory is a bit fuzzy but when I last worked with it I am pretty sure that you could only grant additional user access at the file level and not the folder level. You could also not grant a group access to decrypt a file. It had to be done to each file and to each user. The last time I worked with it we fortunately were dealing with only a few files that were credit card payment related and the encryption was required for PCI compliance.


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In our case we have several FTP interfaces with banks for payments etc and they are all encrypted . in our case we generate flat file from jde and put it in a file folder location and then FTP process grabs it renames it encrypts it and sends it . Similarly for inbound they decrypt and then we can process the file . May be someone dealing with FTP can help here in this