Read F986110 - Job Control Status Master table



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I need to do some custom functionality for F986110 - Job Control Status Master. For example, we have only one job queue of size 8. If some jobs hanged for 1 hour, I need to get email alert.

My intention is to create a report to check the started date of UBE, and send alert if it running for 1 hour.

But where I can find the table ? In which data source ? How can I override the data source using ER. ?
In server manager, create a monitor to watch for UBE's that run over 1 hour.
Appreciated if you comment with application name. I am not that much into CNC area.
It is not an application. It is in the server manager management console. You configure monitors in there, including how to send notifications (e.g. smtp mail server name, port, etc.).
We are still enjoying :p with E1 8.12 Tools Release 8.96.40. Is this functionality available for this version ?
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Don is right Rauf, this is a CNC job. However if you are stuck, you need to override your code to read F9861110 first.

Use B9861101 F986110 DS OVERRIDE to swap your database to point to the correct location, then swap back when done.

The correct location being the datasource with the same name as the enterprise servers where your jobs run. (not system 900)

We can do do this by 2 methods
1. Server manager event manager setup the event monitor for long running jobs - this is very simple.
2. You can develop the custom report based on the WSJ tables F9861110. We are using both for our monitoring purpose both are working great without any issues.