Re: Z Files

RE: Z Files

Eric, I've got a link that I can send you to a document that explains the
process and most of the
required data. If anyone else would like it, please contact me directly.


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RE: Z Files


Found this document on the Knowledge Garden.
Might help you on the way.

The document number is WDS-00-0034 which you will locate on the KG if you
select Product/SARS/Knowledge on the search categories.


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RE: Z Files


Easiest way to find out required fields, go to SO Entry program -

1. In Header section and click ok without entering any information and
required fields will glow red.
2. Then enter valid information in header portion and go to detail section
and hit "OK" without entering any information on the screen and again
required fields will glow red.

Hope this helps.
Re: Z Files


The interoperabilty functionality for sales order is based on the EDI table
(F47011 and F47012) and the UBE that populates these table is R47011. The
F4201Z and F4211Z are dummy tables I do not think they are used any longer.

The best way to find mandatory fields is to read the BSFN notes for F4211
Begin Doc and Edit Line, which will tell you which all the mandatory fields
you need to pass and then you need to populate corresponding field in the
F47 tables, and launch the UBE

Hope this helps

Devi Misra
Re: Z Files


You could load tables F4001Z and F4011Z and then call the Batch Order Edit
and Creation
UBE (R4210Z) to load data in these tables into F4201 and F4211.

R4210Z calls master business function B4200310 to actually update

You will have to experiment to see which mandatory fields must be loaded in

However, some of the InterOperability programs are documented as to what has
to be loaded.
Inventory Cycle Counting is a good example of this. Find the section on
in the Cycle Counting documentation and it will tell you which fields to
load. However,
it is not completely accurate so you will have to experiment.

Good Luck,

Danny McMillian
Eagle Software Company, Inc.

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I am in the process of re-creating the Sales Order upload proces (from a spreadsheet) in Xe.
Some time ago, in B7321 I used the P4004Z methodology & the Z files F4001Z & F4011Z, followed by running the R40211Z Batch Edit & Create in order to generate the 'real' Sales Orders.
It seems that, in Xe, JDE dumped the idea of using the inbound Sales Orders Z files, allowing the Store & Forward approach, ONLY. I find it (the S&F) somewhat complicated and I would like to know if anybody out there found a way to use the Z files, in Xe.
Thak you!

PS Andy, please disregard my previous message; my IExplorer eMail Program setup (for Lotus Notes) was at fault!

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Re: RE: Z Files

The document you found relates to WorldSoftware; P4001Z does not exist in Xe :(

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Re: RE: Z Files

hi Adrian,
I digged this area a pretty bunch of hours!
here is my understanding regarding Xe and interoperability:
1- Interoperability guide is quite accurate and trustable for most of the input Z files
2- for SO the leading thread is use the old EDI track : see G47212 menu : you will find there an inbound track for SO applicable to custom input (not only formal EDI formatted SO see 850 msg type )
3- if you follow this track , just drop EDI formal data (transaction msg type, transaction partners, etc) let it blank;
but fill in the TYTN field this implies to add a line in P47002 (in ex : copy of 850 msg ) and fullfills the directory of the used flat files
4- take care during running R47002C (flat file conversion into Z file of OW) : generally is is ok locally (on client ws) but cumbersome on server (because of directory information processing for a file usally located on the client ws!) => resquest for a local processing of the UBE R47002C + check the invoked vsn of R47002C is processing the right msg type you assign above (= copy of 850)
hope this may help

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Re: RE: Z Files

I am very interesting by your dcoument.

Thank you for sending it to me.

Best regards.
Re: RE: Z Files

Please send me the Interoperability document that you refered to. Thank-you.