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Re: Xref Build (ESU Fix)

Checkout SAR 4708292 in the Knowledge Garden. There is an ESU to fix the performance problems encountered when running the update process. This ESU also fixes memory violation problems.

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>>> DIlchenko <[email protected]> 02/22/01 07:42PM >>>
Hi List,

When I kick off the Xref build for all objects it immediately goes to 'D' without doing anything and leaving any output, if run on the server. Is it normal? I tried to run it locally on one of our 4-processor NT stations and it has been working for 2 days and still running. So far, it has created 310 pages of output, 275530 records in F980011 and 1264976 records in F980021. Someone please assure me that the end is close or I'm gonna go nuts about this process and kill it.

Thanks in advance.

Dmitry Ilchenko

Xe/SP14.1, Oracle 8.1.6/AIX 4.3

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