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On menu G94 option 8, Report Version Security.

Those versions should belong to user DEMO.

If so, enter DEMO in that option and set the security to a '2' for all DEMO's
versions accross the board.

If there are still some versions that should belong to DEMO but have already
been changed (ie user name changed on version),
Sign on as DEMO, then place a '2' to change next to those versions and they will
return to DEMO as the user.

This would automatically secure these under the protection set above for user

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Subject: XJDE & ZJDE
Author: <jdeworld@jdelist.com>
Date: 04/04/2001 8:41 AM

How do I lock down XJDE and ZJDE so that people can't make any deletions? I'm
guessing I do it with Action Code Securtiy, but I'm not sure what files or
programs I use to lock this down. Can someone please help me?

Kenny Gravitt
1801 Waters Ridge Dr.
Lewisville, TX 75057
A73.3 Cumm12X3 V4R4M0

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