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Re: X00IDX

If you truly suspect that the versions have changed, you can run a 'source'
compare in PDM on the object.
Start PDM, pull up your member list and use option '54', enter old and new
versions, and print listing.
Hope this helps.

Jim Z.
Sterling Chemicals - ICS
(409) 942-3616

[email protected] on 10/26/2000 08:27:51 AM

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Hal McGee
10/25/2000 11:22 AM

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Subject: X00IDX

Does anyone have any experience with the new version of the X00IDX program
as it
relates to the P30510 ECO program on JDE Cume 11? We are experiencing
intermittent failures and the best we can trace is that the program goes
into an
infinite loop and continues to call this program over and over. We had
success using the Cume 8 version of this program, but we are afraid to try
in production as we are not sure of the differences between the two
We know there are differences because they are different in size by about
Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are working with JDE on this as
and we are all stumped.

Hal McGee
Group Engineering
Seating Products Group
B/E Aerospace

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