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RE: Windows 200 and Citrix Metaframe


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RE: Windows 200 and Citrix Metaframe

To get all the info on WinTSE try searching the knowledge garden AND the
SUPPORT SERVICES page. There are also some documents in the breaking news
section on TSE. There are at least 10 large documents on WinTSE that include
Printing, Adobe Acrobat, Tips and Techniques, Global Specs (solution for TAM
file corruption), redirecting UBE output to home directories, etc. We've
got 2 WinTSE's on NT 4.0 with Citrix Metaframe running the secure ICA
client. Our 2 WinTSE's are load balanced and APPS are published to a TSE
server farm ie. if one TSE dies the other one automatically takes over.
These servers are currently only being tested but will be live in 3 weeks.


B733.2 sp 13.1 (today)
Oracle 8.1.6/Intel/NT 4.0

Colin Dawes, MSc
Business Systems Analyst
The City of Guelph


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RE: Windows 200 and Citrix Metaframe

Make sure you set your TSEs to re-boot nightly. It's helped us prevent
session lock-ups. If anyone knows differently, I'm sure ther are a lot of
who'd like to hear from you.
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