Re: When to recreate global tables and TAM specs

Re: When to recreate global tables and TAM specs

Whenever you make any changes to the Data Dictionary it is always
adviseable to run R92TAM to recreate the TAM specs. When you do any
customisations to standard JDE and add any custom tables and business views
you will need to run R98CRTGL and copy the global specs on the WTS.

Arup Choudhury
Lafarge India Limited

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We are currently on 733.2 SP 11.3 using the AS/400 as the enterprise
using Citrix WTS. What determines when the global tables and TAM specs need
to get rebuilt and copied to the WTS? If I create them today and deploy an
update package tomorrow do I need to recreate them? Are these tables
effected by packages? It seems like after installing packages to the WTS
jiti'ing starts up again. Can these tables be copied from one pathcode to
another or should they be generated using R98CRTGL and R92TAM in each

Thank you,

Tom Chmielewski
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Flair Corp.
Ocala, FL

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