RE: Websphere V3.0.2


RE: Websphere V3.0.2

Websphere 3.0.2 is no longer available from IBM direct. They do not sell
it. You need to call an IBM reseller and get it from them. When you
finally get the correct version of websphere, the install document becomes
worthless at times. The instructions are completely wrong in some places
and in other places give you instructions for installing the advanced
version of websphere. The standard and advanced versions have different
install routines. As far as I know JDE hasn't updated their JAS install
document. Good Luck.

Chris DiGiacomo
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RE: Websphere V3.0.2

The creation date on our Websphere 3.02 CDs is 2000/10/10. They were ordered
through an IBM Business partner (not JDE) but shipped direct to us from IBM.

I understand that it is still available from IBM if you specify which
version you want and why you need it. If you don't specify, they will ship
the current release by default.

Geoff Hunt


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RE: Websphere V3.0.2

Does anyone have any documentation of the errors in the install document ?.
I.e. it says this but should say that ?

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