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RE: Websphere V3.0.2

RE: Websphere V3.0.2


We have installed Websphere 3.02 for OneWorld XE. We had no major
difficulty getting 3.02 from IBM but we did have to insist that we wanted
3.02 rather 3.05.

You should be aware that we discovered a number of typographical errors in
the JDE Websphere installation document which made the installation process
a lot more difficult and time consuming than it should have been. We found
out the hard way, I suggest you get JDE to sent you a fully validated
installation document before you start.

As a separate issue, I still find it amazing that JDE have yet to evaluate
Oneworld against 3.05 - perhaps some one from JDE can explain why not?

Geoff Hunt
Reckitt Benckiser


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RE: Websphere V3.0.2

When did you install Websphere 3.02 or should I say when did you order 3.02.
Also, do you remember specifically the way in which you ordered Websphere?


RE: Websphere V3.0.2

Did you have to license WebSphere separately.

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