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sounds like the consultant did not change the VO. Check the DSPF to see if he hard coded it.

Also check the DD, see if he made any other changes there.



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This is just a guess but it sounds like you may have an application override. I
have been caught by that one a few times. The question is trying to locate it.
If you have access to query, run it over the F9220 file for that video and look
for the field SYR. Otherwise, I don't know of another way to find it other than
by hunting.

1. Pull up the video.
2. In the application override field in the upper right hand portion of the
screen, start with 55 and move your way through 59 (or whatever your custom
system numbers are.)

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Re: Vocabulary Overrides

Thanks for your help - problem solved.

It was an application override. When I made the change to V0801 in the Vocabulary Overrides, I did not change the Application Override to 08. The consultant who made the original change to the video did enter an application override for 08.

Thanks to everyone who responded - Jill you win the prize.



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Re: Vocabulary Overrides

Bonnie, did you checked DD for HMCU. Something similar happened to me and I
copy VO from JDFDATA and I had to reapply our changes. Let us know if it
did work.

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"Bonnie Williams" <[email protected]> on 06/13/2001
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