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You are correct in the belief that VO directly updates the RDB. What you must
do to see the Text changes (overrides) on the workstation is propagate the RDB
representation of that object overridden down to local TAM on a workstation.

Don't believe me if you don't want to but I have seen the checkout work in XE
to view VO changes. Of course, after the check-out, I log off and back onto

One thing that might be catching you is the pathcode from which you are
checking out. If OMW is at status 21, by default you'll check out from
DV7333. If you make the VO change in PY7333 and then check the object out at
status 21, you won't get the object from the correct pathcode.

DIlchenko <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi List,
> There's something I don't quite understand here.
> When I create a vocabulary override and want to distribute the change to my
clients, I need to create an update package with changed application or report
(info from System Administration Manual by JDE). That works fine; the only
problem I have is when I need to test the mod on one client I still need to
create the damn package. I seem to have tried everything instead: check out,
get, regenerate, kill glbtbl/ddtext/dddict - nothing helps. But the update
package does work.
> Question: what is done during an Update Package install which is not done
during checkout/get, etc. Has anyone got any idea? I am 100% sure that VOs are
written directly to RDB, hence checkout or get must download them to local
spec files... now, where am I wrong?
> Thanks in advance for your info.
> Regrads,
> Dmitry Ilchenko
> Xe/SP 14.1 Oracle 8.1.6/AIX 3.4
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