RE: Uploading Media Objects


RE: Uploading Media Objects


We are in the process of doing a Data Conversion from our legacy system to
OneWorld. We couldn't find anything for uploading Media Objects (we wanted
to do Catalogue Notes and Work Order Instructions) so we asked JDE what the
story was. Their official line was there is no conversion for Media Objects
and we'd have to type the stuff in manually.

I was incredulous at this response, and faced with the prospect of typing in
150,000 Media Attachments I decided to look into it further. A number of
responses from this group indicated people had used Microsoft Access as a
step to loading stuff with their own UBE's, however the maximum length of a
Text field in Access is 255 characters and OneWorld cannot import an Access
'Memo' field (unlimited text). I hunted through Business Functions and we
made a number of attempts at filling the F00165 GDTXVC field but without
much success.

So in a last desperate attempt I hunted around on the Internet and found a
macro recorder (Aim Keys in our case but there are a number of them out
there). I extracted the text from our legacy system and imported it to an
Access database in two fields: a key field (eg Stock Number) and a Memo
field containing all the instructions for that item. Then I developed a
macro that would Alt-Tab between Access and OneWorld copying and pasting the
information into the Media Attachments. This approach proved a lot slower
than a UBE but a lot faster than typing it in, and apart from about a dozen
occurrences of the macro getting out of sequence it worked perfectly.

If you are going to try this approach the trick is to use keystrokes rather
than mouse actions wherever possible. Almost everything in OneWorld can be
achieved by keystrokes and for those interested I'll list here what I used.
Ctrl-C to copy the key field from Access, Ctrl-V to paste it into OneWorld,
Alt-I to press the Find button. At this point depending on the format of
the screen involved you may need to explicitly highlight a grid row. After
much experimentation I found that from the QBE section pressing Ctrl-Tab and
then the down arrow will accomplish this. Alt-R to activate the Row menu,
Alt-A to select Attachments from the menu (different on some menus).
Alt-Tab back to Access, right arrow to the text field, Ctrl-C to copy the
text, Alt-Tab back to OneWorld. In the Media Attachments dialog Alt-F Alt-T
Alt-A to add a new Text Attachment. This was the only point where I found
it necessary to use the mouse to get the cursor into the actual text area
(if anyone knows of a key combination that will do this please let me know).
Ctrl-V to paste in the text, Alt-F Alt-S to save and exit, Ctrl-Shift-Tab to
get off that grid, then just a few arrow keys to get ready for the next

Good luck!

Wayne Ivory
Information Services
Iluka Resources Limited


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This type of uploading is very hard. In my client site we have developed a BSFN for doing this job. It will work for string data perfectly(Don’t know about bitmap attachments). It can up load up to 5000 Char per attachment.

What we are doing is we have created a data structure like ABGT type.

And the following function will insert record in to F00165 table.


This is for address book. Like this by changing First parameter you can use this for any type of application.

JDE CNC Consultant


RE: Uploading Media Objects

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At Stewart & Stevenson we used Delphi to convert them.

Armando Jimenez