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RE: Upgrading to SP14.2 on NT


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RE: Upgrading to SP14.2 on NT

I've do an upgrade from sp11.2 to sp15 and it works today. So you must
compile all full packages for each environment because the link method for
business function has changed. To test if it works, you have to run porttest
with success. If you don't recompile you will receive an error when the
porttest call the data dictionary business function.

Look the "oti-01-0038" document on the knowledge garden for another
information about jde.ini. it's for unix but i think you must do the same
for nt platform.

If you have problem send me an email for more information


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Asunto: Upgrading to SP14.2 on NT

I am planning an upgrade to SP14.2, from SP11.3, and I am reading in the
section "Rebuild the Business Functions (B73.3.1 and B73.3.2 only)" step 5,
to set up and deploy a Server Package to the Enterprise Server. My question
is, what package they are talking about? They say that this package
recompiles and relinks the business functions.

NT 4.0 SP6a, One World 7332, SP11.3, SQL 7.0 SP2, MDAC 2.5

Thank You

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RE: Upgrading to SP14.2 on NT

Noooooooo. In my opinion, AVOID SP14.2. I installed SP14.2 back in March,
and we still are experiencing some problems. SP14.2 caused problems with
some AR items (vouchers), service billing, and also caused the issue with
the checking out of existing versions. If possible, skip 14.2 and go to one
of the newer service packs.


Xe, SP14.2, NT/SP6a, SQL 7/SP3, Citrix Metaframe 1.8