RE: Upgrade to V4R4 or V4R5 from V4R2

Thank you for your note Richard,
The past emcumbent was on the verge of buying One World for a planned 170 machine, the company got cold feet and installed World and that ment that the interactive level far exceeded the purchased level. CFINTXX was not a problem until JDE had been running for 10 months the disk was at 85-90% and 75 users were pushing the 70 interactive limit. So CFINTXX hit hard and stayed in for around 2-3 minutes. After reviewing the performance data it was found that batch was doing very little but when a program was running in batch and its priority was decreased CFINTXX was under control. ie: it was not hitting interactive as frequently. Our 'OLD' 370 Technical man suggested that we try creating a batch hit to keep CFINTXX under control. So the loop program was created, a small loop of around 2 million additions, and then it cuts out. The operator was monitoring the system during the high sales season over Christmas and submitted the loop when CFINTXX become alive. Reports from the Sales Order entry people was the machine was running well. There were no other hit on the system. This saved the IS/IT Department. Now that the 830 is installed all seems ok and fine.
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If it works, I can't and won't complain. But based on what I know and
knowing the people who gave me that information, it shouldn't do anything.
Do you wait until CFINT is running at 20 percent then submit your job? Does
CFINT drop or does its effect simply go away?