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you are upgrading from B7331 to Xe. Why do you have to convert the tables mentioned? When you look at the table conversion list, these tables are converted when you are coming from B733(0) or earlier, not in your case. Compare the columns in your B733.1 tables with the ones in Xe. Maybe they are already the same.

I have done a B733.1 to Xe upgrade recently and had no such problems.

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RE: Upgrade B7331 to Xe


We upgraded from B7331 but we did not have this problem.
The tables you mention are not in the list of table conversions in the
Upgrade Guide, pg. 7-29 to 7-35.
Also, they do not show on the R98405 - Table Conversion Report.

They are, though, in the list for the upgrade from B733 on page 7-28, bottom
of page.

Did you upgrade to B7331 from an earlier version and these have not been
converted? Maybe this is your problem.

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