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RE: UBE's "waiting"


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RE: UBE\'s \"waiting\"

We set the intervals in the RunOneWorld.sh script...

$SYSTEM/bin32/runque.sh JDEuser PSWD PRD733 QB7331 UBE 5 > runque1.log 2>&1
$SYSTEM/bin32/runque.sh JDEuser PSWD PRD733 QB7331 UBE 10 > runque2.log 2>&1

where runque.sh has the following parameters...

# runque.sh will start a que of a given type.
# There are four parameters:
# $1 = environment name. This must be a valid environment on the server.
# $2 = queuename. This is the name of the queue you want stopped.
# $3 = queuetype. Currently either UBE or PKG.
# $4 = queuedelay. This is the delay in seconds the queue uses between
# checking for new processes to run.