Re: UBE Printing on DeskJet printers


Re: UBE Printing on DeskJet printers

If you are using WTS, you can download the pdf file to
you local client drive and print from your PC.

--- OW Technical <[email protected]> wrote:
> I am trying to print to a DeskJet printer using the
> print application in the
> Work with Submitted Reports form and I am getting
> several lines of garbage on
> the report output when I print it. When viewed using
> Adobe, the reports looks
> OK. When the print button is hit from the form, the
> report will print OK but
> will have several lines of garbage in the end.
> I have tried to use the PS and PCL conversion string
> for the DeskJet printer
> and the PS conversion string would be the only one
> that worked but produces
> the grabage. PCL would not work and would not send
> any output to the printer.
> I logged to call to JDE Singapore but the response I
> got was that OneWorld
> does not support DeskJet printers. I remember
> talking to another consultant in
> JDE London and they said that they are using
> DeskJets with the PS conversion
> string. I don't understand them..... Is it because
> Singapore and London
> operate on different time zones that's why DeskJet
> works in London only? Just
> kidding........
> Has anyone encountered this one? Does anyone have
> any resolutions?
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