Re: UBE - Columnar Section, RE-aligning aggregate totals in a


Re: UBE - Columnar Section, RE-aligning aggregate totals in a


You could select the fields that need to be aligned. (Select the field, press 'ctrl' ans select the other field/s that need to be aligned). Select the Layout tab and you'll find the Align button. You can then align your fields for the current/all sections based on left side, right side, top etc.

Hope this helps
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>>> gpiekarski <[email protected]> 01/31/01 11:01AM >>>
When I create a level break footer section,
and choose "group section" (use THIS
option if you want your aggregate fields
to be aligned with their sources (Most
Common Choice)), the aggregate
totals DO align with their parent columns.

If I then need to insert/delete/change
length of any fields in the columnar (parent)
section, my aggregates no longer line

Is there a way to have RDA realign
aggregates to their parent columns
or must this be done manually?


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Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client
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