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Re: Translation Adjustment Account - clearing out balances - B7332

I think that this is a JDE bug but I have not found fix from JDE. =20

The workaround is to run Annual Close UBE for previous year every time af=
ter your period restatement, e.g. closing 1999 if restating 2000, closing=
2000 if restating 2001. You will be fine then.

Let me know if you still have questions.


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From: Ian Steer
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 12:29 AM
Subject: Translation Adjustment Account - clearing out balances - B7332

Hi List

We are currently using B7332 and are experiencing problems with the curre=
ncy restatement program. Can anyone help ?

When running the restatement program for the Income Statement on the peri=
od-by-period basis, the system incorrectly deletes all Prior Months Balan=
ces in the Translation Adjustment Account which causes the company to go =
out of balance by that exact amount. When the same program is run on the =
year-to-date basis, the balance is kept (which is correct). It is evident=
that it is the processing option which allows you to select on what basi=
s you want to run the restatement that causes Prior Months Balances in th=
e Translation Adjustment Account to be deleted.

Does anyone have a suggestion to stop it from deleting the Prior Months B=
alances in the Translation Adjustment Account when doing restatements on =
a period-by-period basis.

Thanks in advance

Ian Steer
Investec Bank Ltd
South Africa

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