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From the NT Realm... use the Net Time command within a login Script.

Snipped from the command reference -

Net time
Synchronizes the computer's clock with that of another computer or domain.
Used without the /set option, displays the time for another computer or
net time [\\computername | /domain[:domainname] | /rtsdomain[:domainname]]
net time [\\computername] [/querysntp] | [/setsntp[:ntp server list]]
Displays the current date and time at the computer designated as the time
server for the local computer's Windows Server domain.
Specifies the name of a server you want to check or with which you want to
Specifies the domain with which to synchronize time.
Specifies the domain of the Reliable Time Server with which to synchronize
Synchronizes the computer's clock with the time on the specified computer or
Displays the name of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server currently
configured for the local computer or the one specified in \\computername.
/setsntp[:ntp server list]
Specifies a list of NTP time servers to be used by the local computer. The
list may contain IP addresses or DNS names, separated by spaces. If multiple
timeservers are used, the list must be surrounded by quotes.
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