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Hi there :

You should indicate what would you like to run on your Terminal Server
B7321? B7331? Xe? Should you also run Office or Outlook clients?


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Hi list,
We are in the process of installing Win2k Terminal
servers for 30 users. Does anyone know the answers to
these questions?

1. How many Terminal Servers would be recommended?

2. How much memory/processors would be recommended?

3. How big of a swapfile/pagefile would be

4. Recommend mapping of Business functions on
Terminal Server or Enterprise server? ALso UBE's.

We have reviewed the technical reqirements on the KG,
but we are looking for real life answers.

Thanks in advance.

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We currently have (2) dual-PIII Xeon 866 w/ 2GB RAM running OW B7332 and adobe acrobat 4.05c. Nothing else on these boxes. We can comfortably support 30 concurrent sessions per server. So based upon your number of 30 users one server should be ok. However you do need to consider fault tolerance in the equasion. If your one server dies then what...
I would definitely recommend 2 servers. They don't need to be sized as ours since that would be overkill for you but you should have 2 for fault tolerance.

As a side issue does anyone know if OW is certified on Citrix XP yet?

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