RE: Single Threaded Post Que -- B73332 NT


RE: Single Threaded Post Que -- B73332 NT

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As an alternative to changing the queue on the client .ini file you can
change the queue in OL. Keep in mind if doing this though that the specs
would need to be re-jitid from the server to recognize the new queue it
should run in (consequences would be that whoever doesn't have the new specs
would use the old queue). Also, for us the new queue had to be created in
our RunOneWorld and EndOneWorld scripts (HP-9000/Oracle). If you search the
knowledge garden for the material you should find two items relevant to your
need. The first is titled "Setting Up Multiple Batch Queues" which will
tell you about the "max number of processes" you need to set on your server
ini. The second one (unfortunately I cannot find in my jumble of papers)
refers you to the exact setup necessary in the ini/Run script/End script
that you will need to declare the queues. If you do a general search you
should find the settings necessary for these files.