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Re: Simple coding question

Not as simple as it sounds. Most, if not all, JDE APPLs call Master
Business Functions to update the tables associated with the application. If
the column you are using is not included in the data structure for the MBF
it will not "automatically" be updated. In this case you have two
choices...modify the MBF (which is very ugly and considered a NoNo by
JDE...and most other sane developers) or to use File I/O to update the
column in the table...probably on the OK button post button clicked
event....somewhere after the End Document function called.


PS: Correction to above....the event where File I/O should be done will
probably be row exit & changed - inline or row exit & changed - async

Good Luck.

"Gaynor, Paul"
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List Users,

I have, what I suspect, is a very simple question but without
appropriate documentation I'm having difficulty answering. The scenario is
as follows:

On the PO Workbench (P43101) I have taken a column that is returned in the
existing business view and added it to the grid Reference1 (VR01). Thus
allowing the user to enter a supplier document reference . I need to know
what event rules / code need to be modified so that the data entered in
this new column will be saved.

Thanks in Advance
Paul Gaynor

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Re: Simple coding question

It seems so this is an ever-green strory but for new members on the Forum/List could be new, so here is my coin (again):

Always check the call of End Document MBF that do it run asynchronously or do not.
If so, remove the "Run Asynchronously" flag, to the contrary you could never be sure that all the records have been inserted/updated/deleted in the database when you begin with your File I/O.



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RE: Simple coding question

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I certainly have seen it a few times. But... Is this change =
that is overwritten in the ESU process? If so, then I would hesitate =
do it. Also... I would think that JDE has coded it that way for a =
(I know, I know). But deep in my little heart, I can help but feel =
JDE is wanting to do the right thing.