Re: SIC Codes


Re: SIC Codes

Address book supplementary databases would be a good way to track insurance
certificate expiry dates since they do have fields reserved for this purpose.

Guy Robert

Wayne Anderson <[email protected]> on 2000-12-21

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Subject: SIC Codes

A few Purchasing related questions:

1. Has anyone developed a good method for tracking vendors with multiple SIC

2. The NAICS codes appear to be the successor to the SIC codes, is anyone using
NAICS codes instead of the SIC codes?

3. What about tracking insurance certificate expiry dates?

4. Has anyone created Address Book supplementary databases?

We currently maintain a 700+ page Word document that lists vendors by SIC code.
When a new project is started the Purchasing Staff search the Word document to
find the vendors for the particular product or service (i.e. Compressors,
Combustion Turbine Seals, etc.). We would like to incorporate this information
into the vendor's Address Book record. A large percentage of the vendors have
multiple SIC codes. We have thought about entering their primary SIC code in
the SIC field and using Category Codes to identify their secondary SIC codes.

With the expiry dates on the insurance certificates we need to have a mechanism
whereby we can search which vendors have certificates which are expiring at the
end of December and then we can ask them for a copy of an updated certificate.
Using a Category Code and developing a monthly report on expired codes would
probably work, unless someone has a better idea.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

We are currently running B732.1 and are planning to move to Xe in May 2001.


Wayne Anderson
Financial Systems Administrator

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