Re: Setting up two cash accounts - AR


Re: Setting up two cash accounts - AR

Hi Liz!

We use two A/R accounts, with the G/L class code on the sales order
determining through the RC type AAI which A/R account records the
receivable. I think the G/L class code defaults either from the item master
or the customer master. If I remember correctly, for cash receipts the G/L
class code in the Open A/R file (F0311) populates the G/L offset field in
receipts entry to relieve the appropriate A/R account. Hope this helps!

David Hambley
Big Valley Marketing LLC / J.R. Wood, Inc.

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Subject: Setting up two cash accounts - AR

> Hi list,
> Our accounting department has asked that we assist them in finding out how
> we can set up two separate cash receipts accounts. We have been acquired
> and will need to assured that all Accounts Receivables for Sales orders
> invoiced prior to 11/30/00 go into the previous owners account and all
> billings/receivables beginning 12/1/00 are received into the new owners
> account. The cash receipts are manually entered (no EDI yet) via P03103.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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David Hambley
J.R. Wood, Inc.

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RE: Setting up two cash accounts - AR

THANKS DAVID!!!! Hope your doing well, and yes this is what I suspected
would have to be done. I'll start from this direction!