RE: Service pack 16 - lots of fun?


RE: Service pack 16 - lots of fun?

We are in the process of installing SP16 to our CRP env. We setup to use
the multiple foundations and that seems to be pretty straight forward. The
install of the service pack on the other not so straight forward.

We are installing from the downloads on the KG. Apparently there are at
least a couple DLLs missing from one of the Client downloads. JDE
Responseline is working to test and install this, but have confirmed that
they have received other reports from clients besides us of DLLs missing and
of a License error during package deployment.

So far, we have found 2 DLLs missing from the CL download ( IXXML4C2_3.dll
and dri_dll.dll) we have copied them from the NT server download to our
client system and that seems to be ok, but we are still waiting for JDE to
confirm what the resolution will be.

Also we received an error on the InstallLic.exe when trying to deploy a full
package (error says - you are not authorized to run this application). We
were able to clear the License error by doing a full rebuild of our package
for CRP. As for PROD & DEV, if we need to deploy a full package, we have to
restore the Client install directory to the SP11 level. Its not pretty, but
it works for now.

Currently we are working to get a full package to deploy to the Enterprise
server. The build keeps failing.
So we haven't done much testing on the service pack yet, but when(if) we
do....I will post and update on what we find.

The documentation for the install and for the installs of the one-offs
(especially SP16_007!) are missing some things I think too.


Karen Riner
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Awana Clubs International
OW B7332 SP11 (trying for SP16) ORACLE 8.1.6 NT4.0


... and DLI_dll.dll is missing in the SP16 download.
Customer Support recommends to order the CD.
It should include the CLI_dll.dll.
The CD is ordered and we'll see.

Dirk Kuehl
B73.3.2,SP10.1,NT 4.0 SP6,SQL 7.0,V4R4M0


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We installed SP 16.0_006 and updated Vertex to 2.3.2. Everything has been
pretty much normal except for ONE REALLY ANNOYING CHANGE in functionality:

Apparently if you had the following configuration in your Client jde.ini's
it will no longer function under SP 16.0 as it did under previous SP's:


Prior to SP 16.0 this configuration allowed the following:

When a user viewed their PDF, it would be copied from the Enterprise Server
to the users Y: drive and then the PDF would be deleted from the Enterprise
server. The Y: drive is a secure home directory for the currently logged in
NT user.

This is no longer the case under SP 16.0. PDF's do not get deleted from the
Enterprise Server and neither does the database record in the F986110. So
now I've got a database server that's rapidly filling up with PDF's after
doing all the initial work to get this stuff to a file server!!! This had
been working perfectly for almost a year!!!


Colin Dawes, MSc
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Re: RE: RE: Service pack 16 - lots of fun?

Oh yes! You now have to supply a software protection code during SP installation too.


Sanjeev Harrish


RE: Service pack 16 - lots of fun?

As an update to my post from yesterday....
There is a tech - newsflash regarding the SP16 download from the knowledge
garden. (See the Service Pack 16 page)
After working with JDE yesterday, they corrected the CLient download and
have included the missing files.
So anyone who downloaded the SP prior to yesterday will need to re download
again to correct the client issues.
We will be applying this today, and hopefully it will resolve our issues.


Karen Riner
OneWorld System Administrator
Awana Clubs International
OW B7332, SP11 (SP16 sandbox) Oracle 8.1.6, NT4.0


Re: RE: RE: Service pack 16 - lots of fun?

Has anyone out there applied sp 16 to an AS/400 B7332 Coex environment? I
am looking to see what 1 offs I might need ahead of time.