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Re: Scheduling/Barcoding Solutions


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Re: Scheduling/Barcoding Solutions

For tracking assets, Toolwatch may be an option with an existing interface to
JDE. (www.toolwatch.com)

"Palmer, Joe (Finance/FASTnet)" wrote:

> We are on A73 and have implemented all of the core modules including Payroll
> and Fixed Assets. We are looking for a staff scheduling module to feed
> Payroll and Service Billing and a barcoding module to feed Fixed Assets and
> Inventory. I can't seem to get names of business partners from Edwards.
> Can anyone provide your expertise, contacts and experience with non-Edwards
> vendors on these 2 areas? Thanks.
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RE: Scheduling/Barcoding Solutions

I have been out of the country and just read this. I looked at some of the
feed back and think that some of the JDE users are confused about what some
of these partners provide for Bar Code.

1. DSI is a JDE partner that focus on Bar Code as a means of Data
Collection. They do not focus on Software to Produce Bar Code. They are a
reputable company and a JDE Partner ( also hooked in OneWorld)
2. T.L. Ashford is a reputable company with a generic barcode printing
software solution. Flexible and it works with most any AS/400 application.
But they are not a JDE Partner. They do not have a OneWorld Solution. Many
Companies that had solutions for World will have huge problems with
OneWorld. The interface for printing is very different and only JDE Partners
get the proprietary information that can assure keeping a product working
with OneWorld. T.L Ashford also only solves Bar Code printing issues. What
about Forms and Checks, you will need another solution.
3. Consider Resolutions www.eresolve.com ( They provide JetForms, e-Document
solutions, A JDE Certified Partner. JetForm is the Largest e-forms software
company in the world ). A solution that works for World and OneWorld and
handles Bar Code Label Printing, E-Forms, Checks, and Reports. JetForm uses
one GUI Design tool for all documents ( Bar Code Labels included).
Available Native on AS/400, NT, Unix and can run co-existent on World and
OneWorld and multi-platform. They have been supplying JDE customers with
solutions since 1992.

S Luke