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Re: Sales Order Amendment Level


Re: Sales Order Amendment Level

This is truly a downfall of sales order entry. We are not sure how we are
going to handle this issue. Our lead-time can be months. I have seen
over 100 hundred changes, to a order before it ships.

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Subject: Sales Order Amendment Level

> Hi List,
> Do any of you know if it's possible to create amendment level tracking for
> sales orders? A process similar to the purchase order revision tracking
> would be ideal; however, a simple means of a manual number field in the
> sales header would be better than nothing.
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Re: Sales Order Amendment Level

There are a number of "user reserved..." fields in the table itself that might be utilized to hold a customer defined field. i know i have not used any of them here and we have been live for 2.5 years. i would think that this would require some modification to the application(s) itself.
on the other hand, there are two "original" and "related" sales order number/types in the same F4201 table. i would think these were put there for this particular idea.
i would suggest contacting a distribution specialist to help with this problem. hard to believe that sales order revisions were not considered over the course of the last 15 years in the development of this product (jde in general of course).

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Re: Sales Order Amendment Level

Unfortunately JDE does not provide revision tracking like on the PO side. You would think it would be a simple matter since the one is just the reverse of the other. We made custom mods to the sales order program to write user defined dates into those extra user defined fields in the sales files to track changes.
RE: Sales Order Amendment Level

Take a look at the order activity rules in menu G4241. You can assign a "Y"
to each status code you want to track in the sales order ledger in menu
G4212. Keep in mind that your ledger files grow over time, so it's
important to put a review process in place as well. If you have a business
need to track changes, turning on ledger-tracking gives you the on-line
capability to do so.

Joe Mulrooney