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RE: Runnning Tools from WTS

Charlotte :

This tip works on B7331 and B7332 :

Create a local NT group called OWDeveloper on the WTS machine.
Put the NT account used by your developers into that group.
Now, logon to the WTS with that NT account and voilà!
Be aware that you're playing on a dangerous ground, remember that all
WTS clients will share a single spec directory.

Yours, Sebastian Sajaroff

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Re: Runnning Tools from WTS

Hi Ken,

If by "tools" you mean things like UTB and RDA then this is one of the more
frequent questions I've read on this list. Although people have written
in telling us that they have found ways around JDE's safeguards against
running these tools from WTS, JDE does not sanction this. And here's what
JDE has told me:

Any of the "developer" tools OW has can over-write or lock the local specs
of the machine that the tools are run from. On a terminal server there is
only one installation of OW and therefore only one set of specs. If a
user locks or over-writes these specs while other WTS users are using them
you can corrupt them thereby toasting your WTS OW installation.

IF you find out how to do it... I still don't think you should. If you
want to take the risk... good luck to you.


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Has Anyone done this and if so how?

Thanks in advance,

Ken March
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