RE: Retrieving Data Selection Criteria within a UBE


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RE: Retrieving Data Selection Criteria within a UBE

I do not know of a way to retrieve Data Selection - however if you use
Processing Options instead, these can be used as Data Selection and are also
easy to pick up inside the report for printing. It also stops the problem of
users getting strange reports because they have used incorrect data
selection. Also a lot of standard JDE reports now do not work very well if
you apply data selection as this is based on the top level business view,
and JDE now use Subsections in reports with their own dynamic data

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Re: Retrieving Data Selection Criteria within a UBE


I had the same issue and put in a call to JDE. All the answer I got was that they do not have a functionality for such a thing. The workaround was to use a processing option for the data selection. I remember reading a mail on the list though where someone specified breaking up the BLOB fields on the rdaspec and obtaining the data selection. Hopefully you'll get a reply from the person.

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Please does anyone know of a way to retrieve data selection criteria within
a UBE such that they can be printed on the report. We are aware of the
cover page functionality but it does not work correctly unless you do
version level design. We don't want to use version level design if at all

Eg. is there a business function or system function to do this - or could
they be retrieved through Table IO from a specific file which holds the
criteria ?

We are B733.2 AS/400. Any help appreciated.



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