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Re: Report Properties/Print Grand Total -and- INIT/DO Running


To do level break totaling, create your level break sections. Then within the
level break section, from the tool bar, select "Section" and the Add Aggregates.
This will automatically perform totals and a bunch of other function on the
fields you wish to total on.

For Grand Totals, create a conditional section with the fields that you want to
have a Grand Total on. On the section with the highest level break, add those
total fields to the grand total fields.

I do this all the time. Have never had any kind of problems with this.

Also, you can hide the detail section and only print the totals.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Report Properties/Print Grand Total -and- INIT/DO Running


Thanks for the reply.

In the past, I have coded level break and final totals in the
manner you suggested (in several UBEs). This time,
however, I was of the mind-set to try something new.

So I will reask the questions of "Do these functions
work?" -and- "If so, how?".

My suspicion is that they are just (more OW stuff that's)
there "just to click on".......

Thanks (again)


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