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If you are using Client Access, fire up a second session and click on
Communication, Configure, and under type of emulation, select printer. It will
give you an error message about changing the configuration, click on yes. Then
it will establish this second session as printer type. Just save it as you would
for a display session to the desktop. This will work only if Autoconfig is
turned on.

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Re: Remote Printing


how are they attached to the AS/400?

Most emulation packages (Renex, etc.,) also allow for a virtual
printer...which just becomes another outq on the 400 and has all the
operator printer control functionality of a locally attached printer, even
if it's in Andorra....

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If I have a remote site using dial up, can RPM handle that? I also saw this software
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Re: Remote Printing

We use IBM Client Access with a remote TCP/IP connection. The standard emulator sessions with type printer will work for standard report SCS but not IPDS.

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I have a few users who work from home but they'd like to print AS/400
report to their home printer.
Have you been able to connect remotely to your AS/400 and print any report
to your local printer? Please tell me how you did it.