Re: Remote Development


Re: Remote Development

Wow how wrong.
I have been using PCAnyWhere to do remote mangement of 16 Enterprise and
Deployment servers for over a year, with very few issues (Caps key
I also use PCA to run 22 Development boxes with out issue.

Sounds like you need to do some more diagnostics...


A note on the Control/IT-PCAnywhere deal. JDE will not support PC Anywhere
on a machine with JDE, only Control/IT. Also, never put PCAnywhere onto any
server (deployment/enterprise at the least) running JDE. The problem is that
PCAnywhere installs and runs services which interfere with JDE services. I
had package builds consistently fail while PCA was on the server.(the spec
builds and merges would keep failing). Once removed, they went through fine.
From my understanding, Control/IT does not install and run services like PCA
does..and I have not had any problems with Control/IT on any of the servers.
Anyone else have similar experiences?

John Gersic
OneWorld Administrator
eGlobe, Inc.
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RE: Remote Development

PCAnywhere has far better security and is far more stable than ContorlIT. I
have never heard of JDE not supporting something because it had PCAnywhere
installed on it. I have searched the knowledge garden and can find no
reference to either ControlIT or PCAnywhere. However, if JDE does need to
access your network remotely they will do so using ControlIT.

We use PCAnywhere to INDIRECTLY manage most of our servers remotely
(including JDE servers) and to do remote development.

The way we do this is quite unique (I don't see many people doing it). Any
Production User, Developer, NT Admin or CNC Admin that needs to access ANY
network resource remotely simply installs the Citrix Secure ICA client - no
remote control software is ever installed on the clients. This gets them a
session on our Terminal server.

Once on the Terminal server the remote user can access JDE from one of our 2
load balanced JDE TSE's (Production) or they can load the PCAnywhere Client
application which is also installed on the Terminal server.

The PCAnywhere Client application will give the user a second remote session
to a number of servers or development PC's. In effect we are doing DUAL
screen updates. One between the thin client and the WinTSE (Citrix ICA
client) and one between the WinTSE and the server/development PC

This configuration allows us to only configure one version of the PCAnywhere
Client. Believe it or not this is much fater than taking direct control of a
Fat Client. Also it is easier to maintain. The downside of all this is that
it's so secure you have about 4 password to memorize.

Another reason for doing this is that we also run SMS. SMS does not
interfere with the Citrix Client but I wouldn't want to mix different types
of remote control software (SMS, ControlIT, PCAnywhere).

The only obvious problem with all this is whether PCAnywhere is supported on
WInTSE. Kinda reminds me of Adobe Acrobat - it's not supported on WinTSE but
it works, so does PCAnywhere.


Colin Dawes, MSc
Business Systems Analyst
The City of Guelph