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I am not sure what the official stance of JDE is on
this, but here is what I have done. I have two path
codes on my laptop. One is demo jr, the other is the
clients, DV. I have in my data folder folder for demo
all the OL tables. I have a script that I use to copy
the dv OL tables to my PC. What I do fist is create
the object in DV (while on network) and check it out
to laptop. Then I run my script. After that I MOVE
all folders in my DEMO folder except for data to a
different folder. Then I move all files from the DV
to demo. Then I open up demo and I have DV with the
correct OL to match. I can then delevop the objects
while off the network. When I get back to the
network, I simply move whats in demo (minus data
folder) back to DV and move demo from the hold
location back to demo. check the object in and you
are all set. Not exaclty easy, but it beats not being
able to do offline development.


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