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Re: Re:Electronic Invoices

Why not use an easier method? We provide an electronic forms solution that
will allow you to create the form digitally and automatically merge with the
document then automatically direct it to print, fax or e-mail, look us up
at and see if our SpoolWizard software doesn't provide an
easier solution.

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Chuck Carey
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Duluth, Geogia
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> Hi!
> We at Castrol India have written a program in RPG to download the spool
> into a physical file. This physical file can then be downloaded in a .txt
> Text) format. This text file is an exact replica of the spool file.
> We intend to paste this text file onto a form ( which will be like the
> preprinted Invoice stationary) on the web, so that our customers can view
> print the Invoice at their end thru the web.
> Sidd
> Siddharth Mukherjee
> Sr Manager - E Business
> Castrol India Ltd.
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> Subject: Electronic Invoices
> Author: [email protected]
> Date: 10/11/2000 3:12 AM
> I am running A7.3 Cum 10, some of my customers want to get their
> invoices electronically.
> I could download it to excel and e-mail it to them but I am looking
> a user friendly alternative. If you have implemented a similar scenario,
> know a software package that could help me, I'd like to hear from you.
> Jude Augustin