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RE: Prompt for Data Selection and Proc Options

Yes it is there - when you set up the menu option for the report there
should be a row of tick boxes - including prompt for version, prompt for
values (processing options) and prompt for data select, if you want
processing options and data select you just tick the boxes. These boxes are
greyed out to start with if Blind Execution is ticked - untick it and these
boxes will appear.

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Re: Prompt for Data Selection and Proc Options


Yes thank heavens it does exist in Xe. You have to set the option where you
setup the menu. Works great - finally!

Tom Messer
Bachwell, Inc.

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Hi List

In World software when setting up a version we had the option of prompt
for values and prompt for data selection where the user would be
automatically prompted for both processing option values and the data
selection when running a report. In One World we only have the option of
prompting for processing option values. I seem to recall seeing
something about the old prompt for data selection and processing options
from World being available in XE. I am currently using XE and cannot see
this functionality anywhere. Does anyone know if it does exist in XE?

Kind Regards
Bernadette Vella