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RE: Porttest failed on XE installtion


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RE: Porttest failed on XE installtion


If all computer process were automatically done, then all of us would be
unemployed guys!

Yours, Sebastian

> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: shyam dhage [SMTP:shyam_dhage@systime.cms.co.in]
> Enviado el: Thursday, November 09, 2000 05:40
> Para: jdelistml@jdelist.com
> Asunto: Porttest failed on XE installtion
> Dear All,
> Thanks for giving the solution, problem was with ODBC Data Sources,
> On Enterprise Server there were no data sources, so i created the data
> sources and porttest was done successfully. Is it Mandatory to create ODBC
> data base source on Enterprise manually, we thought
> oneworld installations will create the data sources automatically, as it
> has done for deployment
> server.
> Thanks
> Shyam Dhage
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