RE: Populating Media Objects


RE: Populating Media Objects

Hi Neil,
We are in the process of transfering the the Item Notes (Text Attachements )which are related to BOM.
I undersatnd u have work on it to a great extend, Can I request u to kindly mail me the details of the Process involved, Like required feilds which need to get Populated in the File F00165.

- Ajay Maskar

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Hi Wayne,

You can definitely load media objects (text attachments) from Access using
Table conversions. Instead of your Access field being a memo type change it
to be text. If the string is too long for one field have several text fields
and get the TC to concat them. If you examine a GDTXVC record you'll notice
a lot of formatting info, you don't need this, though OW will create it for
you once you've inquired on the record and saved it again.
You'll also need to populate GDTXTL with the length of the object.